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OSCAR 40cm Silent Wall Clock
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Wall Clocks

Master Time
Management With a Wall Clock

Checking the time on your phone comes
with distractions, unlike a large wall clock perfectly displayed in a chosen
spot. Wall clocks have stuck around for a good reason. These objects are
functional and make incredible home accessories to enhance your current decor.

Whether you prefer traditional or
modern design, you can find a new clock for any room in your house with One Six
Eight London. Discover our broad range of wall clocks online today.

How to Choose a Wall Clock

Choosing a wall clock takes a little
care, but there are some general rules to keep in mind before you make your
purchase. It doesn't need to be complicated, but your room decor will benefit
from a wall clock that suits the size, style and atmosphere when hanging on the

Here are three things that tend to be
most important when shopping for wall clocks:

The size

In most settings, a wall clock is a
distinctive feature. Nothing adds personality to your walls like a decorative
clock that pops. However, sometimes you might have noticed that a wall clock
doesn't look quite right. Often, wall clocks can look misplaced in their
hanging location and in most cases, it’s because the dimensions don't correlate
with the wall space.

Before you begin shopping for wall
clocks, think about the size in terms of where you want your wall clock to
live. For example, a smaller clock will generally look best in a smaller room,
whereas a large wall clock will look better in a larger space where you can
view it from afar. Choosing the right-sized wall clock will make all the
difference when completing your space.

The sound

While a wall clock is not an alarm clock, the sound still matters. If you
want to hang a wall clock in your bedroom, you don't want to disrupt the peace
and quiet with a loud ticking motion. You might also prefer silence if it's
going in your workspace, such as a home office. So, consider the sounds and
purchase a wall clock with form and function but without noise.

Our range of wall clocks includes
those with a silent sweep mechanism to eradicate ticking.

The Colours

Colour is another classic element in
your search for the perfect wall clock. Creating a contrast between the colour
of the clock and the colour of the wall will truly bring your room to life. A
wall clock is there to be seen, so you want it to stay distinct from its

A dark or bold-coloured clock will
look great against white or light-coloured paint, while a white, neutral or
pastel clock frame will work well with a colourful accent wall. You can also
select the colour to match other accessories in the room, like cushions or a
lamp, or to highlight the tones in a piece of art on a nearby wall.

What Is a Good Size For a Wall Clock?

The ideal clock size depends on the
overall look and feel you want to create. It can either serve as an elegant,
understated wall clock that works collectively with the other decor or as an
object that immediately catches attention and transforms the overall appearance
of the space. When you know what you want to achieve, you can think about the
ideal sizing.

Generally, the bigger the clock, the
bigger the statement. So, choose a small or medium wall clock for a delicate,
functional accessory to build character in smaller rooms. Smaller clocks
typically measure between 30 and 40cm and between 40 and 50cm for medium wall

Alternatively, large wall clocks will
assert attention in any given space. Always concentrate on style when going for
a more oversized wall clock because it will stand out to the human eye. You can
shop online for large wall clocks in the size region of 50 to 80cm.


How do you pick a wall clock?

You can't go wrong with wall clocks,
but size and style are two things you should keep in mind when shopping for
wall clocks. Consider the size in relation to the space and find a style that
suits your interior. You can find wall clocks from modern and stylish to retro
and vintage.