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We all need an alarm to get us out of bed in the morning. While nobody likes interrupted sleep, One Six Eight London quality alarm clocks make the disturbance a little easier. Transform your bedside table with a beautifully-crafted alarm clock that matches your interiors. Discover our full range and order your dreamy new alarm clock online today.


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Jasper Navy Silent Alarm ClockJasper Navy Silent Alarm Clock
MAISIE White Silent Alarm ClockMAISIE White Silent Alarm Clock
RIELLY White Digital Rectangle Alarm ClockRIELLY White Digital Rectangle Alarm Clock
LEARN THE TIME Blush Alarm ClockLEARN THE TIME Blush Alarm Clock
HAYLEY White Alarm ClockHAYLEY White Alarm Clock
Grace Sage Green Silent Alarm ClockGrace Sage Green Silent Alarm Clock
Grace Blush Silent Alarm ClockGrace Blush Silent Alarm Clock
MAISIE Sage Green Silent Alarm ClockMAISIE Sage Green Silent Alarm Clock
MAISIE Blush Silent Alarm ClockMAISIE Blush Silent Alarm Clock
MAISIE Grey Silent Alarm ClockMAISIE Grey Silent Alarm Clock
LISA Sage Green Alarm ClockLISA Sage Green Alarm Clock
MAYA White Silent Alarm ClockMAYA White Silent Alarm Clock
MAYA Charcoal  Grey Silent Alarm ClockMAYA Charcoal  Grey Silent Alarm Clock
RIELLY Black Digital Rectangle  Alarm ClockRIELLY Black Digital Rectangle  Alarm Clock
ELSA Grey Alarm ClockELSA Grey Alarm Clock
MAISIE Mint Silent Alarm ClockMAISIE Mint Silent Alarm Clock
HAYLEY Blush Alarm ClockHAYLEY Blush Alarm Clock
HAYLEY Sage Green Alarm ClockHAYLEY Sage Green Alarm Clock
GRACE Charcoal Grey Silent Alarm ClockGRACE Charcoal Grey Silent Alarm Clock
NINA White Silent Alarm ClockNINA White Silent Alarm Clock
LISA Charcoal Grey Alarm ClockLISA Charcoal Grey Alarm Clock
LEARN The Time Mint Alarm ClockLEARN The Time Mint Alarm Clock
LISA White Alarm ClockLISA White Alarm Clock
ELSA Sage Green Alarm ClockELSA Sage Green Alarm Clock